Umatilla County

Search and Rescue Foundation

About UMASAR Foundation

The Mission

The mission of the UMASAR Foundation is to increase resources, raise funds, and promote public awareness in support of search and rescue activities conducted by volunteers of the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office. Search and rescue activities include, but are not limited to, training and mission operations.


The Umatilla County Search and Rescue Foundation, or UMASAR Foundation, is registered with the state of Oregon as a non profit corporation. The foundation is a non member organization managed entirely by a board of directors. The Advisory Board of the Umatilla County Search and Rescue Unit serves as the Board of Directors of the Foundation. The Advisory Board consists of five volunteer searchers chosen from active volunteers within the unit along with the unit Sergeant. Board members serve rotating three year terms and are selected by the board itself  with the approval of the Sheriff. 

Current Board of Directors

Tax Information

UMASAR Foundation is classified by the IRS as a non profit public benefit charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue laws. Original application to the IRS was done using the 1023EZ online system for charities whose annual revenue is anticipated to be below $50,000. UMASAR Foundation files an annual 1099N e Postcard with the IRS. The tax year of the UMASAR Foundation is the calendar year.

Corporate and Tax Documents