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South Cable Creek Extraction 12/13/2023

On the afternoon of 12/13/2023 two men were hiking together cross country on the Umatilla National Forest in the vicinity of South Cable Creek. One on the individuals slipped on ice as he was crossing a small creek, resulting in a severe injury to his lower leg near the ankle. The man was unable to walk and experienced significant pain upon movement. His companion hiked up to where he had cell service and called 911.

UMASAR was notified at approximately 1530 and began a response. A team with medical specialist was sent cross country to the scene while the rest of the responders used ATV's and two UTV's, one of which was configured for medical extraction, to try to access the site using an old logging road system. The medical team located the victim at approximately 7:30 PM. It was determined that the man had suffered a fracture of both bones of his leg. The team splinted the injury and prepared the victim for movement.

Meanwhile the ATV/UTV extraction teams had to use chainsaws to cut their way through the overgrown road system. At one point the extraction teams left both UTV's and continued on foot with the ATV's in the lead. Shortly before midnight the extraction and medical teams united and scouted an extraction route. The teams placed the victim into a specialized litter equipped with a wheel designed for wilderness use. The teams began moving the victim on foot to the extraction UTV which was approximately one kilometer away.

The teams reached the UTV without incident, and the patient was loaded into the back. The UTV slowly made its way back out to the main road, where it was met by an ambulance from Pendleton. The patient was successfully transferred to the ambulance. He subsequently underwent orthopedic surgery to repair the leg.