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Reservation Mountain Extraction 11/10/2023

On 11/10/2023 at approximately 8:45 PM a UTV crash with injuries was reported on Reservation Mountain, an unroaded area within and owned by the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. The reporter stated that the victim had not been able to stop his vehicle from descending a steep slope. The victim had been ejected as the UTV rolled into the drainage at the bottom, travelling approximately 500 feet. The victim sustained life threatening trauma.

Units from Tribal fire and East Umatilla Fire initially responded. but were unable to locate the accident scene. At about 11:45 UMASAR was request to respond for mutual aid. In the meantime, LifeFlight air ambulance responded to the area and was able to locate the victim using FLIR. Fire personnel and a relative were able to locate the victim. LifeFlight landed and Paramedics descended to the victim as well.

UMASAR arrived on scene and deployed its extraction UTV that has litter carrying capability. The UMASAR rope team deployed with the UTV along with other UMASAR searchers. A team was sent down with the litter while the rope team set up a low angle drag rope system with mechanical advantage.

Once the rope system was in place UMASAR personnel undertook the extraction up to the ridge top. The victim was transferred to the UTV and transported to the waiting LifeFlight helicopter. The victim was transported to Kadlec hospital in the Tri-Cities with multiple traumatic injuries at about 9:30 the following morning. The victim ultimately survived the mishap.

The successful resolution of this incident was due to the excellent cooperation among the various agency's on scene personnel, including LifeFlight, East Umatilla Fire, CTUIR Fire and UMASAR. Friends and relatives of the victim also helped with the extraction and contributed to the successful outcome.