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May 24, 2020 Stranded Motorists with Medical Emergency

UMASAR personnel responded to a vehicle stuck on an unmaintained road on private land off of Forest Service Road 31 using the unit's tracked UTV. The vehicle was occupied by a 61 year old male and a 48 year old female who had kept driving down a narrowing and deteriorating road looking for a place to turn their full sized pickup around. They became stuck while trying to cross a small drainage. They were lightly dressed, had no food and the female was diabetic. Upon arrival the searchers saw that the female was exhibiting signs/symptoms of hypoglycemia and had to be assisted into the UTV. She was given some food items and gatorade after which her symptoms subsided. They were brought back out to Road 31 without incident although it was very narrow and in some areas searchers had to cut away branches and work around windfalls. Both individuals were transported back to their residence without incident.