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Lincton Mt. Search and Rescue  05/19/2020

UMASAR Searchers responded to the Lincton Mountain Road for two lost mushroom hunters. After becoming disoriented, a mother, 56 and son, 36 made their way down into the Couse Creek canyon.  SAR responded at the request of a worried husband, and was able to contact the pair by GMRS radio.  The victims were able to get a small fire going which was barely visible from one point on the road.  Determining the victim's location on a map, two ground teams made their way late at night to the victims, braving torrential rain and gusty winds.  The SAR teams slowly walked the victims back up and out of the steep, slippery slope without incident.

It takes more than just ground teams to make a mission like this successful. For the Lincton Mountain rescue, a mobile command post was set up with incident dispatching, documentation, situation and logistical support. Searchers were monitored and their actions modified during the entire mission due to changing information coming in through the Incident Command Post, or ICP. K9 Millie was even brought up and put on standby!