Umatilla County

Search and Rescue Foundation

UMASAR Searchers in Action

Join us for video and photographic highlights from the following selected UMASAR missions and activities:

Snow Rescue 03/27/2023

Broken Creek Extraction 11/02/2022

I84 Mass Casualty Accident 02/21/2022

Blizzard Response 01/02/2022

Hendrichs Search 05/08/2021

Ruckel Ridge Rescue 03/13/2021

Dark Canyon Rescue 11/10/2020

Coyote Ridge Search 11/08/2020

Harris Park Rescue 06/10/2020

Road 31 Rescue 05/24/2020

Lincton Mtn. Rescue 05/19/2020

Flood 6-9 FEB 2020

South Fork Walla Walla Pack Out 10/16/2019

Baker County Mutual Aid 10/04/2019

Litter Training 08/21/2019